ASCENDRIX - Your Preferred Choice Of Rope Access Partner
About Us

Ascendrix provide dedicated services and applications for buildings, structures, rigs, pipelines and construction sites, commercial and industrial buildings.

Our core skill is providing operational support and services both externally and internally, from cleaning to fabrication to application of products.

We specialized in rope access and working in confined spaces. We take pride in our dedicated team of men who go out and about in performing the tasks being assigned and ensures that all tasks had been completed without any delays. At Ascendrix, we provide a wide range of services related to work at heights for commercial properties and heavy/light industries. It is definitely faster and much more cost effective to engage us given our wide base of clientele and portfolio.

Ascendrix's core objectives are :

1. Punctuality

2. Clients' Requirements & Expectations

3. Working According to Clients' Budget